"Don't spend your life
searching for something
that you don't have,
that might make you happy.  Instead, change your perception of how and where to look for it."
Stephen Lau
Mindfulness Resources

Stephen Lau
The ancient wisdom of TAO (the profound human wisdom of the ancient Chinese sage Lao Tzu more than 2,600 years ago) holds the key to applying the principles of life and living in this modern world. One of the essentials of TAO wisdom is mindfulness.

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is simply temporarily focusing on the simple and the ordinary in order to overcome distracting thoughts in the compulsive mind. In this day and age, we all have a compulsive mind -- doing multi-tasking. A compulsive mind often leads to lack of concentration, disorientation, and undue mental stress.

Here are some resources to enhance mindfulness in everyday life:
Mindfulness Meditation in Everyday Life

Spend some time each day to slow down your rambling and distracting thoughts -- thoughts about the past in the form of regrets and remorse, and thoughts about the future in the form of dreams and expectations.

Mindfulness is living in the NOW!
Deep Meditation
Subliminal Mp3s are effective in changing your subconscious mind, which controls and dominates your conscious mind. Change your mind to change your thoughts to change your reality. You are not your thoughts, and your thoughts are not the real you, just as Descartes, the famous French philosopher once said: "I think, and therefore I am."

In life, always be mindful of your subconscious mind wanting everything your way or no way!
Ego Control
Mindfulness holds the key to human happiness. That said, many of us are still unhappy, because mindfulness is easier said than done. The explanation is that deep down, the human mind is reluctant to let  go of anything in life, be it good or bad, big or small, happy or unhappy. Get the profound human wisdom of letting go, especially your attachment to the past or your expectation projected into the future.
We all have an ego because we all have an identity: we are who we are. But an inflated ego can be a human flaw in that it may give our minds untruths, half-truths, or myths. The human ego is behind a compulsive mind, creating stress in everyday life and living. No ego, no stress!
Given that mindfulness originates from TAO wisdom, learn more about what Lao Tzu said about human wisdom. Lao Tzu wrote only one book: Tao Te Ching, a book made up of 81 short poems on human wisdom. Tao Te Ching is one of the most translated books in world literature. This is my own translation in plain English for everyone to read and understand.
Breathing plays a pivotal role in mindfulness; as a matter of fact, without breath of life, one dies within minutes. But breathing is so automatic and spontaneous that many of us simply take it for granted that mindfulness of breath is no longer there. Mindfulness requires our consciousness and correctness of breathing.