Vision Fitness Resources

Stephen Lau
                                 Poor Vision Problems

Eyes are one of the most important body organs. Your vision becomes your life: what you see becomes your experiences with which you weave the fabrics of your life. Vision deteriorates with age, creating many poor vision problems:

Nearsightedness (myopia): difficulty seeing distant objects.

Farsightedness (hyperopia): difficulty seeing close objects.

Retinal detachment: retina pulls away from the support tissue.

Color blindness: difficulty distinguishing shades and intensity of colors

Night blindness: difficulty seeing objects in dim light.

Other common vision health issues:

Cataracts: buildup of dead cells causing blurry vision.

Glaucoma: fluid buildup causing pressure to increase.

Macular degeneration: loss of vision in the center of the visual field.                         
                             Poor Lifestyle, Poor Vision

Eyes are connected to the body and the brain. Vision health has to do with the following:

Nutrients: healthy eyes need nutrients.

Oxygen: eye cells and tissues require oxygen for survival, rejuvenation and replication.

Relaxation: eye muscles work almost non-stop during waking hours. Relaxation holds the key to healthy vision.

A healthy lifestyle means: eating right (getting the nutrients), breathing right (getting the oxygen to the brain and the eyes); avoiding pharmaceutical drugs, nicotine and alcohol (damaging toxins); exercising regularly (promoting circulation and distributing of nutrients and oxygen to the eyes).

                                       Poor Eyesight

Poor eyesight is due to inflexible eye muscles which cannot adjust as vision shifts from distance to close-up, or vice-versa. Eyeglasses and contact lens do not solve the problem; rather, they aggravate the vision problem. Eye exercises can  improve vision to the extent of ultimately eliminating wearing eyeglasses or contact lens. How to Improve Eyesight offers a comprehensive eye-exercise program to correct eyesight naturally, as well as to heal many eye disorders..                         

Eye exercises improve flexibility of eye muscles, de-stress eyestrain, enhance oxygen and nutrient supply to the eyes, and eliminate many symptoms of eye problems.

Foods can cause inflammation that leads to eyestrain.

Foods can provide nutrients to maintain eye health.

Get your anti-inflammation diet for  healthy eyes.

Primal Stress clearly and explains the impact of stress on the body, the mind, and hence the eye. Click here to learn how to use breathing and posture to revive, survive, and thrive for total relaxation.
A longevity lifestyle is the key to better vision health. Learn to live your golden years as if everything is a miracle.