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POSITIVELY POSITIVE changes your attitude to change your choices to change your life.

shows you how to think big and live as if everything is a miracle.

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A compulsive mind is not a healthy mind. Get your tips to still your mind.
Understand the wisdom of letting go to let God, and be happy.
Mindfulness is your own pathway to understanding and human wisdom.
Use Oprah's words of wisdom as you continue your life journey to reach its final destination.
Get the essentials of Tao wisdom from the immortal ancient classic on wisdom.
Wisdom in living is living  in the NOW.
Get centenarian tips to live to 100 and beyond -- if you just don't die!
Wisdom in living is non-judgmental living.
Walking is more than just your physical exercise; use walking to increase wisdom!
Get more for less, and not less for more. No over-doing!
No stress! No worry! No anxiety! Nothing lasts!
Mother Teresa's wisdom words are more than just spiritual wisdom.
No man is an island: we're all connected with one another for better relationships.
Happiness wisdom is profound understanding of what happiness is.
Get wisdom from asking questions and seeking answers.
In Chinese medicine, natural healing and disease management stem from invisible energy healing. It is the internal life energy (qi) flowing from your conscious mind into the natural and man-made world around you. It is this continuous stream of energy healing that transforms the chaos within your body and mind -- often caused by distorted thoughts and accumulative toxins -- into recovery and rejuvenation. Energy healing is effective disease management.

The Nine Pillars of Wisdom in the Art of Natural Healing

On this site, there are Nine Pillars upholding the premise of natural healing and disease management for living well.

The Pillar of Health Attitudes

Health attitudes, consisting of diligence, one of the seven virtues in Chinese culture, uphold the premise of natural healing. They also embrace the golden mean of no extremity for better disease management.

The Pillar of Mind Power

You are and become what you think you are. Mind power, through meditation, helps you develop positive attitudes for natural healing and health rejuvenation.

The Pillar of Anger Management

Anger management, through Zen living with no grudge and no great expectation, leads to self-knowledge in natural healing and disease management.

The Pillar of Stress Control   

Be mindless of undue concern for aging, obsession to weight loss, love of money, daily troubles and worries -- they are life stressors preventing natural healing.

The Pillar of Mindfulness  

Natural healing of the mind, body, and spirit begins with  healthy love relationships in which loving-kindness, generosity, and compassion are naturally expressed.

The Pillar of Healthy Living

Natural healing and disease management result from a healthy lifestyle with optimum maintenance of the body through internal cleansing, and the mind through Tao wisdom.

The Pillar of Chinese Health

Natural healing for health rejuvenation is based on balance and harmony of the yin and yang expressed in the body, mind, and spirit.

The Pillar of Chinese Healing

Chinese medicine and natural healing are predicated on the principle of qi, blood, jing, and shen, and their balance interrelationship expressed in the yin and yang.

The Pillar of Rejuvenation

Natural healing brings about recovery, complemented by health rejuvenation with the free flow of qi, healthy breathing, and restful sleep.

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"Anything Is Everything, Everything Is Nothing, Nothing Is Everything" is a miracle of life and living, based on the ancient wisdom of Lao Tzu from China, and the Biblical wisdom. Live your life as if everything is a miracle. To do just that, you need the wisdom to know how your mind works-especially how it has created your ego-self that demands your attachments to the material world. Learn how to be in the physical world, but not of the material world. More importantly, get the wisdom to know who you really are, and not who you wish you were.

Knowing and understanding the truths of anything and everything may enlighten you so that you intuit the ultimate truth that everything is actually nothing, but this nothingness is your pathway to everything in your life.

This 100-page book explains with many real-life examples to illustrate the perceptions of “anything is everything”, “everything is nothing”, and “nothing is everything”-- based on the ancient Chinese wisdom and the Biblical wisdom.

Get the wisdom to live your life as if everything is a miracle.

Click here to find out more.

What is meant by “anything is everything”? It may have different meanings and different interpretations to different individuals.

First of all, human perceptions are subjective and individualized: they are affected not only by the five senses, but also by the unique experiences of an individual, as well as by the indelible memories of those experiences retained in the mind of that individual. Therefore, what is important to you may not be as important to others, and vice-versa. For this reason, anything could be everything to you, but not to others.

An illustration

Near the end of 2016, a road rage occurred in Arkansas that ended in the tragic death of a 3-year-old child. 

A woman, with her 3-year-old grandson sitting at the back of her car, stopped at a stop sign. A man in the car right behind honked her for not starting her car immediately, but the woman honked back; thus the road rage began with the man firing a gun shot at the back of the woman’s car.

Stopping too long at a stop sign, or wanting to get to a place on time might be everything to the man. Having the right to remain where she was might also be everything to the woman, so she naturally honked back.  

Unfortunately, that anything-is-everything incident ended in tragedy-the death of the woman’s three-year-old grandson being shot dead while sitting at the back of her car.

In real life, anything could be everything to real people-it all depends on their respective perspectives of anything is everything.

Another illustration

In 2012, a Chinese couple from Hong Kong filed a lawsuit against an education consultant in the United States for $2 million dollars, who promised that he could-but ultimately did not-get their two sons into Harvard University. 

The couple had used “improper” but maybe still perfectly “legal” means to get their two sons into Harvard University.

Getting into an elite college or university may be everything to many students, including their parents. Some might even resort to doing anything in order to achieve that goal, which is everything to them.

The above is taken from the book
Anything Is Everything, Everything Is Nothing, Nothing is Everything.

What is your take on “anything is everything”? Are they really that important to you? The miracle of living is to let go of anything, because everything does not last. The wisdom is that nothingness is in fact the way to everything, and that is enlightenment of the human mind to live as if everything is a miracle.

Stephen Lau
Copyright © Stephen Lau

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