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Wisdom in Wearing Suspenders

There is wisdom in wearing suspenders: it may help you straighten your spine.

Health has a lot to do with your breathing, which has a lot to do with your posture, and posture has a lot to do with your spine. Optimum breathing provides oxygen to your lungs and henceforth to the rest of your body. Breathing, however, can be compromised or even disrupted by poor posture, which will result in an unstraight or crooked spine.

Whether you have a flat or bulging tummy, you tend to push out your tummy when you are wearing a belt for your pants -- this, unfortunately, disfigures your posture. A correct posture is to tuck in your tummy, slightly squeeze your buttocks and push them forward in order to align your spine. If you do this while wearing a belt, your pants often tend to drop down, especially if your belt is loose; psychologically and unconsciously, there is a tendency to push the tummy forward, leading to poor posture.

Wearing suspenders, on the other hand, enables you to tuck in your tummy, without fearing that you may drop your pants. At first, you may find it straining to do just that due to your weak abdominal muscles; however, through greater awareness and more practice, you will be able to overcome it.

With that wisdom in mind, men are recommended to wear suspenders instead of belts. Wearing suspenders was fashionable a few decades ago, and for a good reason. Get a suspender now, and try it out for yourself.

Stephen Lau
Copyright © Stephen Lau
Overweight and Underweight Wisdom

If your weight is ideal, good for you; you must be wise!


Many, however, would like to lose a few extra pounds but without much success.

The rule of thumb: Burn more calories than you consume. There's no shortcut.

Take 1-2 tablespoons of ground psyllium (fiber-rich plant) with a full glass of water before each meal to curb your appetite.

Take 200 milligrams of Asian ginseng to control your high level of hormone insulin.

Grind and sprinkle one teaspoon of bladderwrack (a type of seaweed) over your food or soup to enhance your metabolism by increasing your thyroid hormones.

Of course, losing  weight is never easy, and thatís the reality!


Underweight, on the other hand, may be a problem to some, and it is often due to some digestive problems.

If you weigh 10 percent less than your standard weight, you are underweight. You need energy-dense foods (to add 500 more calories a day) and gentle exercise.

Drink one teaspoon of powdered ashwaganda (herb) + half cup of milk twice a day.

Take 2 tablespoons of flaxseed oil to get your calories without the fat.

Stephen Lau
Copyright © Stephen Lau
The Anti-Wrinkle Wisdom

Nobody likes wrinkles. Well, you don't need to pay through the nose to keep you younger for longer.

Frowning, smiling, squinting -- they all etch wrinkles on your face as you age because the collagen (protein or glue) that holds your skin decreases with age (approximately 1 percent per year, according to dermatologists). You don't need to keep an expressionless face just to avoid wrinkles.

Avoid tobacco, strong sunlight. If you have bad genes, that's too bad!

Mix 1 tablespoon of flaxseed oil (straight from the bottle) into your food (e.g. cereal, fruit juice); don't cook flaxseed oil (it become rancid with heat and air).

Acidic fruits remove loose layers of dead skin. Not only eat more citrus fruits and berries, but make your own cosmetics from them. This is how:

1 tablespoon of mashed fruits or berries + 1 tablespoon of whole wheat flour + drops of jojoba oil (add a little water to adjust the consistency of the mixture)

Save money and save your face too!

Make sure you also take a daily supplement of 1,000 milligrams of vitamin C.

Stephen Lau
Copyright © Stephen Lau
Wisdom in the Taoist Exercise for Insomnia

To overcome insomnia or get natural sleep, perform this simple Chinese Taoist exercise:

Lie on your back. Bend both knees.

Use both hands to pull your knees towards your chest, and breathe naturally.

Hold for one to two minutes, and relax.

Straighten your legs, putting your arms and hands at your sides. Relax for one to two minutes.

Take a deep breath, and stretch both arms upwards above your head.

Then, slowly bring your hands down while you breathe out.

Massage your body from your chest to your abdomen for a few minutes.

Bring both hands at your sides, and relax.

Repeat as necessary until you feel drowsy and fall asleep.

This Taoist exercise is good not just for insomnia, but also for your lower back pain, if it is performed on a hard surface.

Stephen Lau
Copyright © Stephen Lau
Cold Day Wellness Wisdom

If you have to expose yourself to the cold elements outdoor, you may have what is known as windburn, having redness, swelling, and irritation on the skin due to rapid loss of moisture.

Petroleum jelly is strongly recommended because it provides a soothing, protective layer for your skin.

Mix calendula and St. John's wort oils with your favorite skin lotion. Apply this anti-inflammatory and soothing lotion onto your skin before you brave the great outdoors.

Stephen Lau
Copyright © Stephen Lau
Wisdom in Making the Shorter Leg Longer

If you have back pain, maybe one leg of yours is shorter than the other one, causing your spine to curve accordingly.

As a result, the bend stresses your spine with painful pressure. According  to researcher Dr. Steven McCaw of Illinois State University, correct your back problem by placing Dr. Scholl therapeutic insert into your shoe to make the shorter leg longer. It's just that simple! Of course, your back pain can be due to other factors, such as poor posture, lack of exercise, and overweight, among others.

Stephen Lau
Copyright © Stephen Lau
Wisdom in Making Your Own Saliva

Saliva plays a pivotal part in your daily health -- it is a miracle of recovery and rejuvenation.

For thousands of years, Chinese physicians have believed that saliva has all the ingredients for optimizing longevity and overall wellness due to its inherent benefits on the five human organs: the heart, liver, spleen, lungs, and kidneys.

According to Eastern medicine, human saliva has miraculous healing power. Research in a recent Japanese study indicated that saliva can even fight cancer cells in rats and other animals.

Saliva is a clear, watery fluid made by your body's salivary glands located inside each cheek at the bottom of your mouth and ears, as well as near the front teeth by your jawbone.

Saliva is a miracle in itself because it is your body's built-in self-made fluid for self-defense against viruses and infections. Make your own saliva every morning:

(1) On waking up each morning, stand erect.

(2) Gently exhale through the mouth three times to rid your body of toxins accumulated during your sleep.

(3) Close your mouth, and begin hitting your teeth for 30 seconds as if you were chewing food in your mouth.

(4) Then, slowly massage your teeth with your tongue for 30 seconds.

(5) By then, your mouth should have generated some saliva. Do not swallow it immediately. Close your eyes, and visualize that your are swallowing the saliva and it is slowly dripping down to the dan tian, which is the "energy center" of your body. Dan tian is located in the lower abdomen between the navel and the pubic bone. Physically, it corresponds to the functions of digestion, elimination, and reproduction. Psychologically, it functions by promoting a sense of physical balance and stability. Dan tian is also a source of power for physical energy, sexual vitality, and inner power as emphasized by the Chinese Qi Gong exercise.

(6) After the mental visualization, then slowly swallow the saliva.

(7) Repeat this on waking up and before going to bed.

The bottom line: make your own saliva as much as and as often as you can during the day. Always increase your saliva by thoroughly chewing your food before swallowing; it is also good practice to let your food remain in your mouth for a little longer, say, a few seconds, after chewing before swallowing it (this also applies to drinking liquid). Induce your mouth to make more saliva. Make the most out of the miracle of saliva.

Stephen Lau
Copyright © Stephen Lau
Wisdom in Clearing Your Stuffy Nose

To clear your stuffy nose in the morning, do the following breathing exercise:

(1) Bring your tongue backward to touch the back of your palate.

(2) Then bring your tongue forward to touch the back of your front teeth.

(3) Repeat the above processes as many times as possible (at least 20 times). The purpose is to warm up the roof of your mouth to loosen what is stuck in your nose.

(4) Meanwhile, breathe deeply by placing your hands on your tummy and your chest, feeling your former moving up and down, while the latter remains still.

Stephen Lau

Copyright © Stephen Lau
Mindful Walking to Increase Wisdom

Walking is undoubtedly one of the best and the most common exercises because it is simple and easy to do -- you just walk. Be that as it may, many people donít know how to walk, or use walking to increase  their wisdom. 

We all know that walking as an exercise promotes better circulation and hence better heart health. In addition, walking can make the brain healthier due to better blood circulation to the brain, and thus preventing it from aging. Remember, what is good for the heart is also good for the brain.

But walking can also make you wiser too.

First of all, donít just exercise your feet simply because you have to get to some place to do something, or to get what you want. In addition to reaping the health benefits of walking as a physical exercise, walking can enhance your wisdom.

Most of us just walk with our feet, but without fully utilizing the exercise of walking. That is to say, because walking is so automatic and mechanical that we no longer pay any attention to our walking. In other words, we donít concentrate when we are walking. We are so caught up with our destination-such as attending a meeting, or going shopping -- that we are completely oblivious of the process of walking. Even if we are using walking as an exercise, we may become so engrossed in listening to the music on the MP3 or talking to someone on our cell phone that we pay no attention to the movements of our feet because we have put them on automatic pilot.

If you are walking like the above scenarios, you are neither helping to protect your brain from aging, nor using walking to exercise your mind. As you age, your brain's cognitive functions also decline, such as you experience more memory lapses and you find it more difficult to learn new things. We are living in an age of speed, which often creates a compulsive mind; unfortunately, a compulsive mind ages faster. The explanation is simple: like the body, a mind needs a break. If you overexert your body, it breaks down; likewise, a mind that seldom rests declines more rapidly.

But walking can enhance your awareness, concentration, and clear thinking -- the attributes of wisdom. To be wise, you have to be more aware of what is happening to you, you must have better perception and greater understanding of events and happenings; with relaxation, you may have clearer thinking. Wisdom cannot do without them.

How to walk to enhance wisdom?

Mindfulness walking is the answer. That is, be mindful of how your feet move; pay attention to the shifting of your body weight as you move from your right foot to the left foot. Also, pay attention to your breaths: how you breathe in and breathe out, as well as the intensity of your breaths and how it affects the sensations of your body, such as the feelings of your soles and toes as your shoes touch the ground. Just practice paying attention to what is happening to your body as you are walking. Or you can focus your attention on the surrounding, such as the buildings and people around you. Practicing mindfulness walking can expand your mental capability.fir

To illustrate, you can choose the first two verses from the famous Psalm 23: "The Lord is my Shepherd. I shall not want."

The Lord is my She-pherd. I shall not want.
  R     L     R  L     R     L       R  L     R      L

Repeat each syllable in your mind with each foot as you walk step by step and one step at a time. Always begin with the right foot, and then followed by your left foot; continue your steps following each syllable with the corresponding right or left foot.  So, if you have to begin the first word with the wrong foot, then you know you must have messed up somewhere. When that happens, start all over again. You can create your own affirmative expressions.

Use walking to relax your mind too. Only a relaxed mind can think with clarity. The only; continue way to still an unquiet mind is concentration on something automatic and spontaneous, such as walking. The objective of the concentration is to distract the mind from thinking, which it seldom does, except in sleeping. Even in deep sleep, the mind may continue to work in a passive way to weave out dreams or nightmares. Therefore, it is important to stop your brain from thinking so as to give it a meaningful break. Mental relaxation holds the key to relaxing the brain from mental stress for clarity of thinking.

Next time you go for a walk, walk with consciousness, concentration, and relaxation. Walk as if everything is a miracle.

Stephen Lau
Copyright © Stephen Lau
Candle Gazing Wisdom

According to Chinese healing philosophy, the eye is the "window of the soul." As such, the eye reflects the internal health of an individual. The human eye is connected to the liver, blood, and the nervous system. In other words, a healthy liver benefits the eyes and the mind.

Chinese healing is based on the concept of balance and harmony, expressed in the "yin" and the "yang." For thousands of years, the Chinese believe that the human eye is "yang"; and candle gazing can significantly improve the health of not only the eyes but also the liver. In fact, the ancient Taoist masters believed that candle gazing has the capability to alleviate not only many eye problems but also some latent ailments inside the body. Candle gazing has internal cleansing effect, because candle gazing induces tears to clear the white of the eyes, as well as to remove toxins from the liver.

(1) Sit in front of a lighted candle at arm's length in a dark environment.

(2) Gaze, without blinking, at the candle flame. If necessary, close your eyes for 5 to 10 seconds.

(3) Continue to keep your eyes open, staring at the flame and edging its outline.

(4)  Breathe naturally.

(5) Allow tears to run down your cheeks; keep your eyes open
even wider to benefit from the deep cleansing effect.

(6) Practice for 5 to 10 minutes. End the session by blinking your eyes, and then massaging gently the eyeballs with all your fingers.

A healthy liver filters approximately 3 pints of blood per minute, producing 1 to 1.5 quarts of bile daily. A healthy liver gives you clear and sharp vision.

Candle gazing not only cleanses the eyes and the liver, but also relaxes the mind. You can also practice meditation during candle gazing.

Stephen Lau

Copyright © Stephen Lau
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Daily Natural Diabetic Drink

If you are diabetic, make a natural diabetic drink from bitter melon, celery, cucumber, and green pepper (also known as the "four-green drink" in China), and drink it daily.

Bitter melon is a typical Chinese vegetable with a bitter taste. You can stir-fry it with any meat, adding garlic and fresh ginger. Black bean sauce brings out the flavor of bitter melon. Bitter melon is obtainable at any Chinese supermarket.

To make your diabetic drink, put all the ingredients (in equal amount) in a blender, add some water, and blend them. Alternatively, you can also juice them and take the concentrated form.

You do not need Glipizide, Metformin, or other diabetic pharmaceutical drugs: bitter melon can bring down your blood sugar safe and fast, if you watch what you eat. For thousands of years, the Chinese have used bitter melon to address the health issues of diabetes.

If you find the taste "too bitter" for you, dilute it with more water. Remember, you can change and condition your taste bud in 60 days. Another alternative is to juice bitter melon with green apples to neutralize its bitterness.

Control your blood sugar naturally and stay healthy without
dangerous drugs!

Control your diabetes with natural health secrets.

Stephen Lau
Copyright © Stephen Lau

Daily Eye Bath

Give your eyes a daily eye bath to remove toxic fatigue from your eyes. Make them bright, shiny, and sharp.

For the eye bath, squeeze three to four drops of fresh lemon juice into each of your eyecups, and fill them up with purified water. Wash them thoroughly for 30 seconds.

Alternatively, brew some chrysanthemum tea (get the dried chrysanthemum from a herbal shop or a Chinese supermarket, not the teabags). Strain the tea, put it in a bottle and store it in the refrigerator. Pour the chrysanthemum tea in your eyecups, and wash your eyes thoroughly for 30 seconds.

Get other healing secrets for your eyes from my book
Vision Self-Healing Self-Help.

Stephen Lau
Copyright © Stephen Lau